What is lactose-free milk?

Some people and children suffer lactose intolerance by birth; they may be allergic to natural cow’s milk. So to tackle this problem, medical experts introduced lactose-free milk to cover the protein and mineral deficiency in lactose-intolerant individuals. Now, lactose free milk powder┬áis commonly used by many people with stomach issues with natural milk. It has many benefits, and it makes your body strong. At the same time, it helps your body to restore energy. It is present in powdered and liquid forms and serves as a substitute for cow milk. It is medically approved by chemists and doctors and has no dangerous effects on the human body. However, you should use it on your doctor’s prescription only.

Uses of lactose-free milk:

Lactose is the primary carbohydrate present in natural cow’s milk. People who are lactose intolerant and are unable to digest it use this milk. Lactose-free milk is beneficial as it covers mineral deficiency and provides essential vitamins, i.e. A, D and B12. It strengthens bones by providing phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients like riboflavin to the body. It contains lactase enzyme, and one cup of this powdered milk contains essential nutrients. You can add cereals to this milk and can enjoy your breakfast.

How is lactose-free milk made?

Lactose-free milk is made from cow’s milk by removing lactose from it. In laboratories, medical experts remove lactose from the milk by adding lactase enzymes. The primary function of these enzymes is to break the lactose present in the milk. No preservatives are added to the milk, and then it is pasteurized and packed hygienically. Some taste sweeteners are added to the milk to compensate for the removal of sweet carbohydrates.

Is lactose-free milk expensive?

Every person does not use lactose-free milk powder in daily life; therefore, it is not a basic necessity. It is expensive compared to ordinary milk because it is passed through Ultra High Temperatures. This is done to increase its shelf life so that you can store milk or powder for a longer period.

Is it available easily?

Lactose-free milk is available easily in grocery stores as well as online markets. Though its demand is not high yet, it is necessary for some people, so adequate quantity is always available. You can conveniently buy it online with a single click, and stores will deliver it to your place.


Some people with a vegan diet may be affected by its use; they may feel nauseous or allergic to it. It is necessary to seek medical advice from your doctor before starting lactose-free milk. This is not dangerous and does not cause serious health problems.


Scientists research the formula, pasteurization process and packaging materials to ensure healthy products. They focus on its packaging, particularly to avoid any toxic material so that the powder’s quality remains unaffected.

You can keep lactose-free milk in the refrigerator for 60-90days as its quality is not affected because it does not contain bacteria in the natural milk. These bacteria are destroyed by high temperature and pasteurization techniques.



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