Facts everyone should know about diary notebook

A Diary notebook is also known as a personalized agenda notebook. It is used to record occasions, exchanges, or thoughts in writing that has happened to an individual on a day-to-day basis or for a specific period of the year. Usually, a diary notebook starts recording at the start of the year and ends when the year ends. A person who writes a diary notebook daily is a diarist. A Diary notebook is not written to publish or gain fame. Instead, it is a personal memoir, life story, or biography.

Manufacturing Process

Several binding pages manufacture the diary notebook into hardcover in the shape of a notebook. Different types of binding are applied per the requirement, including thermal binding, rivet fixed binding, spiral binding, sewing binding, or thread sewing binding. The number of pages in a diary notebook is a minimum of 80 sheets and a maximum of 120 sheets. The diary notebook also contains elastic bands, locks, pen holding space, ribbon bookmarks, rulers, notebook calculators, and back paper pockets. These diary notebooks are manufactured every year according to the calendar.

Material of Diary Notebook

The diary notebook consists of pages, a hard outer covering, and a binder. The pages are made by cutting down trees and grounding the tree barks into pulp. The grounded pulp is then cleaned, dried, and pounded until it sticks together. The weight of the paper can be determined in this process, and it could be 35gsm to 150gsm.

The paper used in newspaper printing is usually between 35gsm to 55gsm, and the paper used in the office is usually 70gsm to 80gsm. Then the pulp is converted into big sheets, and after drying, they are cut into page sizes of A4, A5, A6, or B5. The paper is then printed into different designs and styles like lines, grid printing, dotted or ruled printing, holes, logos, or designs added at the printing stage.

Customization of Diary Notebook

The diary notebooks can be customized into any page size, page quality, and binder type. The outer covering can be customized into any material, for example, PU leather, plastic cover, paper, fabric, cardboard, or linen. The different types of logos can be made on outer coverings like embossed or debossed logos, UV printing, printed or hot stamped, foil stamping like golden or white, or silver, silk printing, laser cut, or engraved logos.

The colors of the outer covering can be customized according to requirements. The diaries can be customized and printed into any language and type of calendar.

Usage of Diary Notebook

A diary notebook is a day-to-day record of an individual’s actions, reflections, or sentiments with respective dates of happenings over the year. Diary notebooks are often handwritten, but as technology has advanced, diary notebooks have become digital now. The diary notebooks are used in offices, schools, and businesses too. It has become an essential gifting item for many individuals and organizations. People love to present a diary as a gift to someone special.



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